LED Lighting (Illumination)

Light Emitting Diode illuminator will provide comfortable lighting and electric energy consumption reduction comparing to fluorescent lamp, Mercury lamp and Sodium lamp etc., at the same luminosity (brightness). The long life time of LED lamp will provide you less energy cost and maintenance cost.

LED lamp can be modified its shape as to the location to install for example parking lot (bar type), street lamp (bulb type), canopy and signboard (strip type) and traditional sphere type.

Solar Power Generation

Consumption energy cost will be reduced to the 1/4 ~ 1/5 compared to traditional lamp, and life time will span by 4 ~ 13 times more. The comparison is belows.

Solar Power Generation

LED lamp is best suitable with Light Control system to make optimal lighting environment as you want.

Sales record example

  • 2014년
    • LED Lamp installation at Social welfare center (Pohang Gyeongsangbukdo province)
    • LED Lamp installation at Community center (Gyeoiyang Incheon)
  • 2015년
    • LED Lamp installation at 00 regiment of Korean Military Service
    • Led Lamp installation at Underground parking lot (Korea Land & Housing Co.)
  • 2016년
    • LED Lamp installation at Chungcheong headquarter (Korea Electric Power Co.)