PTN (Packet Transport Network)



Service Aggregation Switch is a next-generation Carrier Ethernet/MPLS service aggregation platform that provides terabit switching capacity, massive service scalability, carrier-class resiliency, and a cutting-edge feature set that supports advanced QoS, OAM, and L2VPN capabilities.

This product enables service providers to keep pace with constantly increasing demand for bandwidth capacity and service density in metro networks to support mobile backhaul and Ethernet transport applications, business VPNs, and business and residential triple play services.

Optimized for deployment in large central offices and Points of Presence (PoPs), product features ten 100 Gb/s-capable line module slots, 1 Tb/s full duplex switching capacity, and fully redundant common equipment that supports six-9s reliability and ensures service continuity. The product offers high-density Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and Ten Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) connectivity to subscriber edge and first-tier aggregation switches, and high-performance 10GbE uplinks to IP/MPLS core switch/routers. With its 1 Tb/s full duplex capacity today, the system can easily accommodate future line modules that will offer 40GbE and 100GbE interfaces. The product architecture and system resources also provide robust scalability for MAC addresses: one million MAC addresses per line module and up to ten million MAC addresses per system. A sophisticated virtual switching architecture enables each product to support over 128,000 individual services (VLANs and Ethernet Virtual Circuits) for enhanced scale and flexibility, and advanced ingress and egress hierarchical QoS capabilities ensure SLAs can be honored while fully utilizing system assets. Protocol-agnostic and standards-based, the product supports a full range of MPLS and Ethernet transport and control protocols and L2VPN capabilities, including: MPLS Pseudowires/Virtual Circuits; VPLS and Hierarchical VPLS; MPLS Label Edge Router and Label Switch Router functions; MPLS-TP; IEEE 802.1Qay PBB-TE, IEEE 802.1D/802.1Q/802.1ad/bridging; and ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching. The product implements resiliency options for these protocols that enable 50 ms recovery from link or port failures, and provides a robust suite of Carrier Ethernet connectivity fault management and performance monitoring capabilities.



  • Provides 100 Gb/s per slot and 1 Tb/s per system full duplex switching capacity with rich features and scalable services
  • Implements advanced Ethernet and comprehensive MPLS features that support demanding mobile backhaul, business, transport, and residential service applications, including 3G/4G wireless backhaul, L2VPN service delivery and aggregation, L2 backhaul of L3VPNs, and FTTx/IP DSLAM Aggregation
  • Sophisticated virtual switching architecture provides enhanced scale and flexibility for tens of thousands of services on a single system, including up to 128,000 VLANs, 64,000 virtual switches, and up to ten million MAC addresses
  • Delivers high reliability, six-9s availability, and 50 ms protection switching resiliency using state-of-the-art hardware and software design coupled with advanced control plane and Ethernet OAM capabilities
  • Provides broad service stratification and robust bandwidth allocation for guaranteed SLAs via MEF-14-compliant hierarchical QoS capabilities
  • Supports interworking between Q-in-Q VLANs, MPLS Virtual Circuits, VPLS/H-VPLS L2VPNs, and PBB-TE connections for complete service flexibility and optimization of network resources
  • Provides operational efficiency and consistent system and service attributes with a field-proven service-aware operating system, and supports comprehensive management for high-velocity service rollout and faster time to revenue
  • Complies with IEEE/IETF/ITU/MEF standards and features MEF, MPLS/VPLS, VLAN, and PBB-TE services on every port to support interoperability in multi-vendor deployments
  • Facilitates implementation of latest standards and new service capabilities through programmable hardware, ensuring future-proof investment protection

Technical Information


4 x 10GbE XFP NNI/UNI ports per 10GbE Line Module

  • 0-10 10GbE line modules per system
  • 0-40 x 10GbE ports per system

32 x GbE SFP NNI/UNI ports per GbE Line Module

  • 0-10 GbE line modules per system
  • 0-320 x 1GbE ports per system

Control Module Management ports:

  • 2 x RJ-45 10/100/1000M Ethernet
  • 1 x RJ-45 Console Port
  • 3 x RJ-45 IOADM ports

System I/O Module Ports:

  • 3 x Alarm Output relays
  • 2 x T1 or E1 BITS inputs
  • 2 x T1 or E1 BITS outputs

Network Configuration