RMS (Remote Monitoring System)



IRMS(Integrated Remote Monitoring System) monitors and controls the additional and environmental facilities of a base station remotely. As providing an integrated solution and improving the controversial point of the existing system, a smooth monitoring and control can be possible. This system shortens the failure recovery time of a base station, prevents failure through an ahead check activity, reduces maintenance and repair manpower by controlling the check period of a base station and causes the effective operation of a base station.

RMS(Remote Monitoring System) transacts the cause of interference by the automatic analysis of interference statistics promptly and reduces the cause of interference effectively. Consequently, this system provides customer satisfaction and the greatest realization of profit through a continuous high quality service. For solving the inconvenience of an existing system which operated at each region separately, this system, adding an integrated management function, can get a view of the total system.




  • RF Monitoring and Measurement
    • Measuring the signal of following and save te values periodically
    • TX (800MHz - 2.3GHz)
    • RX (800MHz - 2.3GHz)
    • VSWR Alarm Monitor
  • BTS Environmental Monitoring and Measurement
    • Monitoring the opertion status of all peropheral facilities(air condiioner, battery, rectifier) and controlling these
    • Protecting emergency like as fire, inundation
    • Function to manage visitors coming in and out BTS room
    • Controlling and managing authoriztion fr security and safety
  • Repeater Status Monitoring and Control
    • Optical repeater
    • RF repeater