SCADA System (TWS-10000)



TWSCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system is the most suitable system for an electronic power establishment on a plant or an electric supervisory control of the building carrying out a supervisory or control function and is the most satisfactory system with the most economical price using workstation of high resolution color monitor.


  • Master/slave host computer
  • Supervisory management computer
  • Emergency master computer
  • Large capacity disk array
  • CCU(communication control unit) and dual unit
  • RMS (Remote Maintenance System)


  • Alarm monitoring
  • Data monitoring
  • Graphic display
  • Storage of history data
  • Printing

Small SCADA System (TWSS-10000)


Small SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system is applied to a small plant. It is a system that has the control function of power facilities and other facilities through all sorts of applications. This system applies MMI(Man-Machine Interface), high reliability and the hardware and software of high performance and can monitor and control small plant efficiently.


  • Main Computer
  • CCU(Communition Control Unit)
  • Multi Serial Port
  • Switching Hub
  • Modem
  • Printer Server


  • Basic software of main computer
    • UNIX O.S S/W
    • C compiler
    • Graphic S/W
    • S/W supporting Video
    • S/W for System management
  • CCU S/W
    • Windows O/S
    • Multi serial
    • C compiler
  • Application S/W
    • Operator management
    • Remote data gathering and control
    • Console unit program
  • Data management program
    • Graphic DB management
    • Point DB management
    • DB distributed processing
    • Real-time DB management
    • Historical DB management
    • DB security management
    • Failure accumulative DB management
    • SOE DB management
    • Trend DB management
    • System DB edit
    • System DB management
  • Report management Program
    • RGS data edit
    • RGS graphic processing
    • report printing
    • RGS format edit
  • Diagnostic Program