TM/TC System (TWT-10000)


TM/TC (Tele-metering/Tele-control) system, called telemetry system, measures and controls facilities remotely using data communication.

By applying the concept of a TM/TC to DCS(Distributed Control System), control scope is expanded from LAN(Local Area Network) to WAN(Wide Area Network) through public network. The TM/TC is a system that utilizes the technology of a SCADA system, in maintaining the function of existing DCS.

  • Real-time process monitoring and control system combined with the latest control theory, software and hardware.
  • Monitor and control efficiently the widespread and large scale industrial facilities.
  • Real-time online batch process
  • Open system architecture
  • Applicable to Microsoft Windows or UNIX
  • Works on the client-server architecture
  • Easy operation
  • Duplex configuration for improving reliabilty
  • Flexible configuration
  • Easy engineering
  • Support interfaces between dissimilar equipments
  • Support GUI(Graphic User Interface) selecting menu


  • High performance Hardware
    • Stable performance by with the latest hardware
    • Fast monitoring and executing complex control logic
  • Multi-function operator interface
    • Real-time data monitoring and control
    • Support Perfect hangul
    • Support the scalablity of monitoring with multi-screens/multi-windows
    • Multi window
    • Systemized builders
    • Interlock all real time data via WEB
  • Engineering
    • Graphic editor of vector graphic form
    • Support interworking Microsoft Excel for report
    • Provide control program and screen
  • Open architecture
    • O.S : Windows or UNIX
    • Transmission interface : IEEE 802.3 ethernet
    • Bus : VME bus to standard bus of RTU
    • Support IEC 61131-3
    • On-line or off-line data management according to relational database
  • Balanced System of multiple structures
    • Dual CPU, MPU, communication and power per RTU

System Configuration


PCS (Process Control Station)


  • Monitoring and Control
    • Display status and analog value
    • Monitor and cotrol process by graphic
    • Alarm and voice alarm Message
  • Printing
    • Report (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
    • Alarm and operational message
    • Operator Screen
    • Hard copy of screen
    • Interlocking with Microsoft Excel
  • Storage
    • Trend (Historical, Real-Time)
    • Daily, monthly, yearly report
    • Alarms, Events
  • Engineering
    • Input and modify dtabase
    • Creates report
    • Operating screen of graphic processing
  • Data Concatenation
    • Connect on-line, off-line data via WEB
    • Connect commercial DB with database


  • Workstation or server computer
    • CPU : Pentium IV, min 1.4GHz / 64Bit RISC CPU
    • Memory : min 256MB
    • HDD : min 40GB
    • CD-ROM : min 40X
    • LAN : 10/100 Ethernet, max 4 Ports
    • O.S : Windows or UNIX
  • Input unit
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard
    • Functional keyboard
  • Output unit
    • Report printer : Laser, A4, A3
    • Alarm printer : Dot Matrix, 136 Column
    • Color printer : Inkjet or Color Laser
  • Data backup unit
    • DAT
    • CD-RW
    • MOD
  • Capacity
    • Connection Node : max 255 Nodes
    • Monitoring & control point : max 65,535 points

FIU(Field Interface Unit)


  • Wide-range Communication Control
    • Communication controller : 32bit micro processor
    • Relay communication between MMI and RTU
    • Support wired/wireess communition with RTU
    • Switch communcation auto or manual as communicating with RTU
    • Compose optimal system according to a control target
  • High Reliability
    • Duplex system
    • Manage the error rate of a minute, hour, day, week unit per port and RTU and monitor communication status
    • Self-independent operation with built in program
    • The stability of communication through data redundancy
    • Detailed diagnosis and monitoring by each module built in self-diagnostic function
    • SOE(Sequence Of Event)


  • LAN interface
  • Main Control Unit
  • Wired/Wireless communication unit
  • I/O Unit
  • I/O Interface Unit
  • Power Unit

RTU(Remote Terminal Unit)


  • Wide-range communication control
    • Communication controller : 32Bit Micro Processor
    • Communicate FIU and upper MMI system by wired or wireless
    • Interlock function and continuous operation, if communication can’t connect with upper system
    • Switch communication auto or manual following the status of commnication
    • Optimal system configuration and system extension can be easily done according to a control target
    • Real time monitoring, measureent and remote control by on-line
    • Realize optimal arithmatic function by control scale and computing speed
  • High Reliability
    • Secure stable data by redundant connection with a FIU
    • Manage the error rate of a minute, hour, day, week unit per port and RTU and monitor communication status
    • Self operation by an internal program
    • Minimize effect of partial failures
    • Detailed diagnosis and monitoring each module with built in self-diagnostic function
    • On-line and off-line diagnosis
    • SOE(Sequence of Event)


  • CPU Module
  • Wired/Wireless Communication Module
  • I/O Module
  • I/O Terminal Unit
  • Power Module


  • Remote Monitoring

    Gather the value of managed status points periodically and provide these values to operator

    • Open/close status (including point types)
    • Relay operation
    • Run/stop/fault of pump and motor
    • Open/close/stop/fault of valve and sluice
    • Door open/close
    • Water level, water pressure, flux and rainfall
    • SOE (Sequence Of Event) information
    • Other status information
  • Remote Measurement

    Collect the current value of analog points periodically and provide these values to an operator

    • Open/close of valve and sluice
    • Weather observation such as rainfall and temperature
    • Measurement of water level, pressure and flux
    • Measure the voltage, current, power, wattage and power-factor of water reservoir facility
    • Measure the elements of other voltage(1 ~ 5V) and current(4 ~ 20mA)
    • Analog information connected to a remote small unit by other variable elements
  • Remote control

    Function to control the managed points remotely

    • Open/close/stop control of valve and sluice
    • Run/stop control of a pump
    • Status control : motor
  • Remote diagnosis
    • Hotline Diagnosis
    • Prediction of Breakdown
    • Online Supervision
    • Data & Report Management
    • Real-time Measurement
    • Alarm
  • Other
    • Time setting or manual control)
    • Power failure and power restoration control
    • Flux ontrol
    • Power and power-factor monitoring