PCMS (Process Control & Monitoring System)



This integrated real time monitoring system provides the most efficient work by monitoring/controlling related machine operating based on 19years technology and know-how and makes it possible to cope for emergency state rapidly. In addition, it makes possible to cope with material supply and machine replacement time properly by making database for machine failure and management data.

PCMS32(Process Control & Monitoring System) is an Windows 95/98/NT200/XP based real time open type monitoring/controlling system and is the most open type HMI(Human Machine Interface) software which can develop, verify and perform facility and process program.

Object, Modular design

PCMS32 can be objectified tailor-made software called completely separate from the basic function of the process monitoring and control S/W with the development environment, Viewer and user application, minimize the load of the system because the module is operating as a unit. In other words, separate each module is responsible for the best features, the best performing, to perform the essential functions in the main module (Main Engine Process) can actively respond to the customer's requirements.

Open interface

PCMS32 the required execution engine part with for various development tools (VC + +, VB, Delphi etc) with Dynamic Linked Library, tag value approach to DDE server interface, for Internal Processing Data access to a shared interface, an external device off (PLC,supported by the industry standard OPC interface, such as sensors, actuators emulator with standard communication driver interface, industry-standard field bus (Profibus, Lonworks, DeviceNet, CANopen etc), and communication of all equipment is possible because it provides the driver with various OPC Server other HMI software or any equipment.

Centralized remote monitoring control environment provides

P2P (Pear to Pear) technology adopted by the PCMS32 communication between the server is mutually convenient, and Server/Client supervisory control technology for remote monitoring of data using interactive activities to implement various process monitoring/control system.

Real-time, integrated monitoring system

The field of technology and know-how to the best solution to the operation of all equipment status conveniently integrated control/monitoring during 19 years by the PCMS32 provide the best work efficiency, so you can quickly respond to crisis situations, as well as the failure of the machine or operating data to replace the supply of raw materials and machinery, etc., and databasing can cope.




  • As consists of modules to be operated independently, obstacles have been removed from the design.
  • By progress as independent process unit of the work, without incurring unnecessary work to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.
  • By providing robust error-checking functions in the design, remove the errors that can occur when the system is performing.


  • Full functionality combine to form the main modules of the desired functionality built into the operating environment of the optimum.
  • Very actively the custom operating environment by providing a various accessory modules can cope.


  • You will always be able to access the user interface features to all data that occur during the operating.
  • By providing a standard file format (Standard File Formation), connection with the external package program can be easily


  • Best to provide an integrated environment. (IDE: Integrated Development Environment) Tag Management, Graphical Drawing, Macro language, Project Management, Robust Error Checking, Interface API, library of graphic symbol etc, By providing a variety of forms to easily edit, Custom Graphic can be built.
  • Support various report

Software module

Draw & Tag Management

  • Various Object support (Animation, Trend, Meter, Dial, etc)
  • Rich properties of the object registration, management support
  • Specific Macro can be assigned per object
  • Various Graphic File Format support (WMF, EMF, BMP, GIF, JPG etc)
  • Tag with same properties can be set at a time
  • Control Bar supports that you can see at a glance the status of the property settings for the object.
  • Level (priority), location, Refresh Time, Move function support each of window


  • Report ouput function basically has hourly, daily, monthly, yearly etc, and generates data in a form suitable that can be edit by user using Excel, Cristal Report Tool or C/C++, VB etc
  • Report by time, Report by the event, Report of user requirements

Real Time Trend Display

  • Pen Select function, scaling, zoom in/out, scroll ring, the time axis, such as changing a variety of Trend function is performed by the built-in Real Time Trend Trend function of each individual's Tag

Analog/Digital status monitoring

  • Tag info of Total Point, measurements, etc. that are registered in the system can perform the functions of monitoring and display detailed information on each Tag, Alarm Lock / Unlock, various settings change.

Historical simulator

  • Data logging process can be seen to reproduce the incident.
  • Create a virtual data, you can take advantage of operator training.
  • Historical comparative analysis of production and tracking can be used.

Historical Trend Display

  • Data logging process can be seen to reproduce the incident.
  • Create a virtual data, you can take advantage of operator training.
  • Historical comparative analysis of production and tracking can be used.

Alarm monitoring

  • Alarm Window : Visual and alarm caused raises an alarm in the form of the output to the printer name, etc., and a voice or a bell, buzzer Alarm occurs alarm history is kept on your hard disk.
  • Alarm Summary : The contents of the detailed information selected Alarm from the Alarm History List display and alarm of the corresponding Tag State display in Hourly orderly. That occur during system operation, Event, alarm system operation history, such as the query stored in the hard disk, and can be output.

Virtual tag processing

  • The result of the operation can be mapped to actual tag from the tag set of virtual
  • Special features, depending on the results of the operations to perform functions such as setting alarms.

Group status monitoring

  • Support functions that can be monitored at a glance, the user-defined group of Tag, Process the entire function, Analog and Didital Loop Panel or Device-specific, process-specific random set by the operator with the ability to monitor.

Load control & demand prediction

  • Set by the user to predict the value of Maximum Peak, to stabilize the power supply to the rapid degradation of the power reserve margin, the use of centralized power control (Peak Time control), to reduce power bills and a reasonable load management can maximize the efficiency of existing facilities to promote

Scanbuffer monitoring

  • Internally, memory of field controller (PLC / Controller / DCS), such as word / bit register, holds to the data storage for data collected from the various field devices, so it can process the monitoring and analysis of the material using the data collected.

Schedule monitor/control

  • This function can process to On/Off act of the field device automatically at a specified time as lighting equipment, heating and cooling equipment, etc. and can be applied automatically to a user-defined time driving, so precise control and bills (power, fuelsavings, etc.) also may have come.